Choro Conversations
Pursuing Life, Love and Brazil’s Musical Identity
Julie Koidin
(Fremont, CA: Global Choro Music, 2013)

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“Julie Koidin’s book Choro Conversations released August, 2013 is a must for those interested in studying, playing and appreciating Choro music–its history, evolution, the oral traditions, and the emerging movements toward different approaches. Hearing about the personal involvement of some of Brazil’s greatest players and composers will enhance and clarify a player’s ability to approach the music with both respect for the past, and embracing the future. While many conflicting opinions are discussed, one cannot but feel the warmth and love for Brazil’s most traditional chamber music and the role it has played in the evolution and lives of these players.
Highly recommended!”

Jane Lenoir, flutist
Berkeley Choro Ensemble

“The interviews are great and the book is undoubtedly a beautiful service to choro and
to Brazilian popular music.”

Sérgio Cabral
Author and researcher

Choro Conversations fills a gap that has long existed in the literature devoted to this musical genre. Not since 1936, when Alexandre Gonçalves Pinto (“Animal”) published his pioneer book O Chôro, have we been given such a panoramic vista of the world of choro musicians. But whereas Animal’s book was essentially a nostalgic tribute to long-departed chorões, Julie Koidin delves into the present, giving us an accurate account of the current choro scene directly from the mouth of the musicians who lead it. Choro Conversations is a document whose value will only increase with time.”

Daniella Thompson
Editor, Musica Brasiliensis

“The American flutist, musician and teacher Julie Koidin, lover of choro, provides a great contribution to our musical bibliography. Her interviews with choro musicians from various regions in Brazil delight the reader with historical and biographical information on the genre. I am certain that Julie Koidin’s book will stimulate even more appreciation for our incredibly Brazilian choro.”

André Diniz
Author and researcher

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